Birth Is for Everyone

Families are as diverse as the individuals that comprise them, and I'm firmly committed to supporting all sexual orientations, gender identities, and marital statuses.

You may notice that across my site, I use the term "birthing parent" where you're used to seeing "mother." Although childbirth is a core experience of womanhood for many people, it does not factor into everyone's idea of it; someone who chooses not to have children is no less of a woman for it. Furthermore, pregnancy and childbirth do not necessarily mean that the birthing parent identifies as a woman. Accordingly, I've tried to tease apart birth and identifying as a woman. I hope that we can all discover our own unique relationships with parenthood, unburdened by traditional ideas of gender.

I also use the term "partner" to refer to the person who will co-parent with the individual giving birth rather than a gender-specific term. I wish to acknowledge that many families do not follow the two-parent household model, and I hope to find a better way of stating this in the future. I'm open to suggestions!

In short, birth is for everyone!